General Help & FAQ

This Help section is designed for public users of the Digital Media Bank. Other users, such as staff or press, will have access to more specific help information once they have logged in.

See our Search Tips for advice on how to search for items within the Digital Media Bank.

What is the Digital Media Bank?

The Digital Media Bank is a place to store, share and download digital content produced by the Royal Pavilion & Museums, Brighton & Hove (RPM). Most of what you will find here are images of objects in the museums' collections, but it also includes documents, audio files, 3D models and other media.

It is designed to be accessible to both the public and RPM staff and collaborators. What media a user can access depends on the level of access granted to their account.

Do I need to register to use this?

No. A lot of the material here is made available to the public under an open Creative Commons licence. As such, it can be freely downloaded and shared without an account.

Members of the public are welcome to register for an account, although it may take a couple of days to approve. This won't provide access to any additional content, but it will allow you to manage your own lightboxes and track downloads.

Is everything on here free to use?

There is no charge for downloading the media that is made available to the public. Re-use of this material is permitted under the terms of a Share Alike - Attribution (BY-SA) Creative Commons licence. This means that all use is permitted providing:

  1. The content is appropriately credited. This is usually the 'Royal Pavilion & Museums, Brighton & Hove' but is clarified in the Rights Info information that accompanies each item.
  2. Any content which re-uses this material is offered for re-use on the same shareable terms ie. it should not be charged for.